Superior Custom Wood Finishes

Custom wood finishes go beyond adding aesthetic appeal to your custom cabinetry—they also help protect it from wear and tear. While you want your custom cabinetry to look good—you also want it to last. There are a number of quality wood finishes on the market, but each varies in its ability to protect and maximize the durability of your woodwork. On your consultation at the design process of the new custom cabinet, we can recommend finish options that will best fit your need. For example, a retired couple redoing their vacation home may only be concerned with the appearance of the wood finish—while a family with five young children should consider durable finish options.

ProWood Inc.’s Superior Wood Finishes

Polyurethane is the most durable finish and protects wood against stains, spills, and scrapes.  ProWood Inc. uses commercial grade polyurethane as our standard finish.  Many other wood shops use lacquer finishes, however they are not as durable and often fail to create the desired look and finish. Polyurethane is also available in nearly any color and from matte to the gloss sheen finish. Gloss finishes are ideal for woodwork you want to showcase, and brighten up a dark space. However, glossy finishes are unforgiving and will highlight imperfections and scratches. Out Italian origin polyester wood finishes providing the highest quality and highest gloss sheen. It’s available in any color. Stain is often used to highlight high-quality woodwork and to give uniformed color to the specific wood of your choice. It is more expensive than paint, as it has more finishing steps involved, but the finish burble and gives rich colors to the wood. Set up your consultation whit us, and we can guide you to the right direction to chose the correct finishes.