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Superior Custom Wood Finishes

Custom wood finishes go beyond adding aesthetic appeal to your custom cabinetry—they also help protect it from wear and tear. While you want your custom cabinetry to look good—you also want it to last. There are a number of quality wood finishes on the market, but each varies in its ability to protect and maximize … Continue reading Superior Custom Wood Finishes

High-End Kitchen Cabinets That Impress

Many companies claim to produce so-called “high-end” cabinets, but few actually deliver. So what exactly qualifies as “high-end”? ProWood Inc. has come up with a guide to define the elements of high-end kitchen cabinets. Substance Over Form Common department stores may claim to offer high-end kitchen cabinetry, but we think they spend more on advertising … Continue reading High-End Kitchen Cabinets That Impress